Our main aim is to satisfy our customers through custom built motors to suit requirement and series at all the stages of business.Our well-knit infrastructure has helped us to serve our customers in a better way than others in our field. Our wide spectrum of products includes:

Fractional Horse Power Motors like:

Universal Series Motors

Used for high speed and high starting torque applications. Can be used on DC and AC supplies.
  • Cicuit breakers for charging spring, isolators, domestic appliances, dental application, sewing machine, coil winding machines etc.,
  • Standard Ranges:
  • 24 V to 230 V AC/DC;
  • Wattage upto 700 Watts;
  • Speed upto 25000 RPM
  • Duty Cycle:
  • Intermittent, semi continuous and continuous duty and also to cusomer`s specifications.
  • Permanent Magnet DC Motors

    Compact in size compared to the other type of motors of the same capacity. Has high starting torque can be used as variable speed motor. Can be used on battery,as power losses are less.
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  • Welding Machines for wire feeder, trolley operators and other SPM`s.
  • Photo copying machines.
  • Automatic sliding doors and windows.
  • Battery operated appliances.
  • Process Equipments. Laboratory equipment`s
  • Switchgear for spring charging of circuit breakers and isolators
  • Coil winding machines
  • Standard Ranges:
  • 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 42V, 48V, 110V, 180V & 220V.
  • Wattage`s upto 300 watts; Speeds upto 10000 RPM.
  • Duty Cycle:Semi continuous and continuous duty.
  • Also to customer requirement.
  • Separately Excited Motors

    Used for variable speed applications.
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  • Welding Machine Wire feeder, Trolley operators and other SPM`s.
  • Laboratory equipment`s
  • Process equipment`s
  • Automatic Display Board
  • Standard Ranges:
  • Field:12V to 48V DC Armature: 12V to 48V DC
  • Speeds upto 8000 RPM; Wattage`s upto 180 Watts;
  • Also to customer specifications.
  • Motorized Wire Feeder

    Wire feeder assembly with motor and gear box to meet specific requirement of welding machines and process equipment manufacturer. MIG & TIG Welding.
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  • Wire feeder of welding machines, process equipments, special purpose machines, conveyers, drives and we can also specific custom built assembly to requirement. with euro type adapter.
  • Standard Ranges:
  • 24V, 36V, 42V etc., at different wattage
  • Speed:160 RPM-210 RPM with 2 rollers and 4 roller configurations.
  • Power: 60W - 120W
  • Avaliable both in gear driven and non gear driven.
  • Solar FAN/ Pumps

    Battery/Solar Operated Fan&Pump where there is no conventional power ordinary power shut down no ongoing costs, quiet and easy to run and of course kind to the Environment.
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    Standard Ranges:
  • Powered by solar (photovoltaic) modules.
  • Batteries of 12V, 24V or UPS
  • Gear Boxes

    Gearboxes designed for our motors with spur or worm reductions in multi stages. Compact in sizes: Ratio from 10:1 to 3000:1.
    We maintain the highest industry standards to ensure excellent of workmanship and are committed to serve our customers and fulfill all their needs.
    We manufacture quality motors to suit customer requirement:
  • Intermittent, semi-continuous & continuous duty cycle.
  • Variable speed both clock wise and anti clock wise direction of rotation.
  • with gear and without gear reduction.
  • Flange and foot mounted.