about us

Horse Motors is one of the leading manufactures of Fractional Horse Power Motors(FHP) such as Universal Services Motors, Permanent Magnet DC Motors,Separately Exited Motors and DC Pumps. The company is also into the manufacturing of Welding Machine Wire Feeder Motors. Established in 2010, all our products are being mainly used for Circuit Breaker Spring Charging.Welding Machines, Lab Equipments and Special Purpose Machines. All the motors have geared and ungeared versions.

We also manufacture Welding Wire Feeder mechanism with Two Rollers and Four Rollers. The range is-with voltage from 12v to 180v and 230 AC/DC. The wattage range from 20 Watts to 180 Watts and Speed varying from 2 Rpm to 10000 RPMs. The Motors are well-built with Quality Bearings for long life and easily replaceable Carbon Brushes, insulated with 'F' Class only. Horse is a solo propritership firm they well experienced in their manufacturing.

We are backed by a strong technical support, knowledgeable staff and advanced production equipments-all tis has enabled us to produce premier quality Fractional Horse Power Motors. We have laid down the finest of infrastructural facilities so that we cater to the various demands of the globe. Our Company is totally committed to serve all the customers.

Since its inception, our customers have appreciated Our quality consciousness. We have claimed our position in the market based on the quality of our products. Our experts are responsible to ensure that all our products conform ot the highest international standards.